What a brilliant night we had for SĒ BALĒ (She Tells).

The Storytelling Centre was crammed to hear Charlotte Bosseaux tell her personal story of abuse through translation in a way that was transformative, creating a safe space for three girls to tell their own experiences of abuse through storytelling, music and song, and illustration.

All the ticket sales together with donations in the “Lovely Bucket” on the evening so far have totalled £484.  This will be used by Your Saheliya to enable their girls to participate in a creative and imaginative carnival in Liverpool.

VOXedinburgh encourages both the discovery and expression of our superpowers (talents and passion and experiences) and there is the opportunity for someone to discover theirs as a VOXgift.  If you want to know more, drop us a line:

Thanks to everyone who made the evening possible: to all who came and to our tribe using their voices so others may find theirs:

Storyteller and Workshop Facilitator Alette Willis
Musician and Storyteller Simone Caffari
Singer Elena Zini
Saheliya Team: Ana Morell and Rania Qussasi
Illustrator Maria Stoian
Storyteller Lily Asch
Storyteller Keith Kirkwood
Storyteller Steve Earl, and,
Storyteller and host Charlotte Bosseaux






We’re looking towards what we’ll be up to in 2017 as we continue to explore what it means to be human.

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sē balē


SĒ BALĒ is the next VOXedinburgh event.  Different to, but a development of, the other things we have done, this is going to be quite an evening.

(FRIDAY, 2nd DECEMBER, 7 for 7.30pm;
The Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43 High Street, Edinburgh)

Sē Balē, “She Tells” in Bengali, is an exploration of what happens when four young women’s difficult stories are retold through different mediums. Illustration, storytelling, and songs make it possible for the power of these stories to be experienced as they emerge from the desire of Charlotte Bosseaux to explore her own story as it was told, translated, and retold.

Charlotte works as an academic in the field of Translation Studies. She is fascinated by the way voices are transposed from one language to another and how experiences and emotions travel in translation.

The evening is intended to have a very practical outworking, supporting the work of the Scottish charity Saheliya, a mental health and wellbeing organisation for black and minority ethnic women and girls. All monies raised will allow Young Saheliya, the specific part of the organisation looking after young girls, to develop their work.


or PHONE  0131 556 9579
(The venue is not large so make sure to get your tickets)

You can find out more about the evening and those participating by visiting this Facebook page

The cafe at the Scottish Storytelling Centre will be open to serve its Supper Club menu, together with hot, cold and alcoholic drinks up until the interval.

Our artists and curators:
Storyteller and Narrative Researcher Alette Willis
Musician Simone Caffari
Musician and Translator Elena Zini
Saheliya Worker Rania Qussasi
Illustrator Maria Stoian
Real Talk’s Lily Asch
Voice Keith Kirkwood
Voice Steve Earl
 Storyteller and Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies Charlotte Bosseaux

thank you, VOXers


Here is an update from Binod Basnet from Educating Nepal on how the money raised at SANGAI RUNU has been used:

I have hereby attached the photos of classroom desk and benches that we made with the donation received from Voxedinburgh. We made 30 sets of desk and benches including furniture for our new ICT lab. It cost us a total of around $2,000 of which $1,500 was from the proceedings of Voxedinburgh events. We thank you and the whole of Voxcommunity for helping us with the most important aspect of our school. Now the kids no longer sit on the floor.


This month we achieved yet another milestone by connecting the school with internet. It was a near impossible task to take internet in such geographically incompatible area but luckily we made it happen. it soaked out much of our resources though. We are able to have only 2 computers for our IT lab. The main goal of our new IT lab is not just to use it in education but to ease the need of rural communities for e-commerce, digital literacy and most importantly telemedicine. The nearest primary health facility is at a distance of 3 hours walk. 

We look forward to add 10 more computers very soon. Each computer here costs $300. If the community is up for next fundraiser, let’s opt for this if possible. This is very much a requirement not just for the school but the community as a whole.


Thank you once again for the support you’ve been providing us. We come a step  closer to building an independent model community with each support you garner for us.

Thank you, everyone.


Hi everyone. We’ve been able to send £500 from the last VOXevent to Nepal. Binod Basnet, from Educating Nepal, has sent the following message:
“The funds from Helen Margaret Oona Allcock few months ago and this amount will be used to make proper desks and benches for the children Suryodaya Primary School. No more sitting on the floor. Thank you once again. I will keep you updated.”
The poster also made it!

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