Back in December we had a brilliant evening of storytelling.  We wanted to keep you updated with what is happening for Saheliya, the charity we have supported through Sē Balē.

Rania was one of our coordinating team for the event from Saheliya and she writes to all of us:

Dear Geoffrey,
First of all I would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Charlotte and everyone else from the team that took part in this project and helped our group, Young Saheliya, with the donation.
The money that was gathered on the night will be used to support the group to take part in the annual carnival that takes place in Liverpool. Broohaha, who are an arts and performing charity organization invited us to take part in this community celebration. The carnival will also take place in Edinburgh, mid July and the group will have the opportunity not only to be part of this big celebration but also to design their costumes, take responsibility for the documentation of the event and other activities.
This donation, has given us the chance to realize most of this project and we are truly grateful for the support.
Kind regards,
We’ll share any further news here, but also watch out for the storytelling event happening this year, bringing amazing real stories from Sierra Leone.

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