What a brilliant night we had for SĒ BALĒ (She Tells).

The Storytelling Centre was crammed to hear Charlotte Bosseaux tell her personal story of abuse through translation in a way that was transformative, creating a safe space for three girls to tell their own experiences of abuse through storytelling, music and song, and illustration.

All the ticket sales together with donations in the “Lovely Bucket” on the evening so far have totalled £484.  This will be used by Your Saheliya to enable their girls to participate in a creative and imaginative carnival in Liverpool.

VOXedinburgh encourages both the discovery and expression of our superpowers (talents and passion and experiences) and there is the opportunity for someone to discover theirs as a VOXgift.  If you want to know more, drop us a line:

Thanks to everyone who made the evening possible: to all who came and to our tribe using their voices so others may find theirs:

Storyteller and Workshop Facilitator Alette Willis
Musician and Storyteller Simone Caffari
Singer Elena Zini
Saheliya Team: Ana Morell and Rania Qussasi
Illustrator Maria Stoian
Storyteller Lily Asch
Storyteller Keith Kirkwood
Storyteller Steve Earl, and,
Storyteller and host Charlotte Bosseaux




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