thank you, VOXers


Here is an update from Binod Basnet from Educating Nepal on how the money raised at SANGAI RUNU has been used:

I have hereby attached the photos of classroom desk and benches that we made with the donation received from Voxedinburgh. We made 30 sets of desk and benches including furniture for our new ICT lab. It cost us a total of around $2,000 of which $1,500 was from the proceedings of Voxedinburgh events. We thank you and the whole of Voxcommunity for helping us with the most important aspect of our school. Now the kids no longer sit on the floor.


This month we achieved yet another milestone by connecting the school with internet. It was a near impossible task to take internet in such geographically incompatible area but luckily we made it happen. it soaked out much of our resources though. We are able to have only 2 computers for our IT lab. The main goal of our new IT lab is not just to use it in education but to ease the need of rural communities for e-commerce, digital literacy and most importantly telemedicine. The nearest primary health facility is at a distance of 3 hours walk. 

We look forward to add 10 more computers very soon. Each computer here costs $300. If the community is up for next fundraiser, let’s opt for this if possible. This is very much a requirement not just for the school but the community as a whole.


Thank you once again for the support you’ve been providing us. We come a step ¬†closer to building an independent model community with each support you garner for us.

Thank you, everyone.