I wanted to catch up with Helen Allcock and ask her about her VOXexperience at KATHAA HAALNU – the event at which we told her story, reminding us we all have an amazing story.  (Helen’s story involved almost losing her life on a conservation trip to Nepal, and wanting to help those who saved her life.)


I began by asking: What do you see and understand differently as a result of the VOXevent?

It was an answer to prayer, really, because I couldn’t do this alone.  Everyone’s enthusiasm helped me to achieve my dream, which was to help people in Nepal.  It meant I was able to make things with my own hands to help these people.

I know my energies are more “turtle” than “hare,” and I don’t work well alone but am a team player, and like working in the background.  So to achieve this with others meant more to me, with everyone working together at the VOXnight.

helen's stuff  

So what now?

I’m going to carry on with my sewing, and I need a website.  My next lot of sewing is for Summer with a one-off sale.  I want to carry on with the idea of a Blue Duck Boutique too.

How would you encourage others?

It’s up to people to do something.  You can have encouragement but then you have to do something.

Helen’s Strengths are Adaptability, Empathy, Connectedness, Developer, Learner.*

(*These are StrengthsFinder names for the talent and abilities Helen possesses and mixes with passion and experience.  Anyone who connects with VOXedinburgh is invited to identify and explore their Strengths and create their story.)

(January 2015)